Norbert Pümpel

Flüchtige Erinnerung No. 25

Ölfarbe, verschiedene Lösungen

und Substanzen auf Chinesischem

40 x 34 cm

Ehemaliger Öltank

Maria Jansa




33 Keramiken, Video, Sound

Ausstellungsansicht "Acht ohne Gegenstand", Otten Kunstraum

Ausstellungsansicht "Acht ohne Gegenstand", Otten Kunstraum

Ausstellungsansicht "Acht ohne Gegenstand", Otten Kunstraum

Herbert Meusburger

17-teilige Granitskulptur


Afrikanischer Granit
ca. 100 x 500 cm

Eight without Object

30  April - 4  October 2014


Ilse Aberer - Doris Fend - Tone Fink - Maria Jansa - Hubert Lampert - Herbert Meusburger - Norbert Pümpel - Franz Türtscher




Following the exhibitions “Russian Avant-Garde. Roots of the Otten Collection”, “Gottfried Honegger. Art as a Social Responsibility”, “Beauty as Necessity. Weavings and Paintings from the Otten Collection”, “Karl-Heinz Ströhle. Ornament and Aformation”, “Gottfried Honegger (34,699 days)”, and “Transcriptions. Six Artists from Moscow”, the current exhibition at the Otten Kunstraum, located in the region at the junction of Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Germany, offers a platform for the works of eight Austrian artists. Ilse Aberer, Doris Fend, Tone Fink, Maria Jansa, Hubert Lampert, Herbert Meusburger, Norbert Pümpel, and Franz Türtscher present works largely created especially for the exhibition or already part of the Otten Collection. The drawings, paintings, reliefs, and sculptures shown in the exhibition space as well as in the “Oil Tank” reveal diverse approaches to non-objectivity.


Fortunately, the history of art is not only to be understood in terms of categories. Appealing nuances and inspiring allusions can be discovered between abstraction and non-objective trends, concrete art, and conceptual work. This is particularly applicable for the works of the artists from Vorarlberg in the show “Eight without Object”. They offer insights into the multi-facetted spectrum of non-objective art and present a vivid testimonial of artistic clarity and sensuousness.



A catalogue in German has been published by the Verlag für Moderne Kunst Nürnberg to accompany the exhibition "Eight without Object".
ISBN 978-3-86984-0734
Price: € 28.00