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Erinnerungen an den Otten Kunstraum

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Erinnerungen an den Otten Kunstraum

Otten Artroom

A Place of Vivid Encounters

Since October 2008 the Otten Kunstraum , as a place of vivid encounters, offers insights into the art collection of the Otten family. As a textile manufacturer, Wilhelm Otten began to acquire old textiles from Latin America, Africa and Asia 35 years ago. The gradual building of a collection of Constructivist, Concrete, and Minimalist art commenced during the 1990s. The collection of nonrepresentational art has its roots in the Russian Avant-garde and comprises to date about 600 works of art.

Wilhelm Otten: "I am thankful for the many experiences I have had through my involvement with art and during encounters with artists and others close to art. I would like to incorporate this treasure into the Otten Kunstraum in oder to share the pleasure in art with others amid inspiring surroundings."
The Otten Kunstraum invites the public to join in a dialogue with the works. The collection is presented in temporary thematic exhibitions. The architecture of the exhibition space, designed by Arno Bereiter, radiates calm and imparts a contemplative atmosphere.
Visitors are invited to embark spiritually and emotionally on an art adventure in the exhibition space as well as on a tour through the outdoor sculptures and installations. A former oil tank open to the public as a venue for extraordinary art installations offers a unique ambience at the Otten Kunstraum.
The Otten Kunstraum is an initiative for the advancement of art. Its projects are realized without public funding.